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FOX News
Nov 15, 2009 7:00pm EST
city. america's honor the heroes killed at fort hood and a holiday celebration goes haywire, landing four people in the hospital. i'm julie banderas and we're live as fox reports tonight. cold war enemies coming together for a nuclear-free world? as president obama makes his first ever visit to china as commander-in-chief, the u.s. and russia clear a major hurdle for a new armed control deal. in the meantime, the president shares sharp words for another country that's become a thorn in america's side. fallout from the decision to put suspected al-qaeda tris on trial in new york city. democrats defending the move, republicans slamming it. >> when the foreman of that jury stands up and delivers the victim, not empowered by the religious if a natsism, but the constitution, he'll know he's wrong. this seems to be the rights of terrorists and lack of concerns for the public. >> and a plan to put gitmo detainees in america's heartland causing another big controversy. why some in one small town see it as an economic boon. plus, a massive offensive in afghanistan underway right now. u.s. and
FOX News
Nov 7, 2009 7:00pm EST
praised their heroism. >> even as we saw the worst of human nature, we also saw the best of america. we saw soldiers and civilians rushing to the aid of fallen comrades, tearing off bullet riddles clothes to treat the injured, using blouses as tourniquets, taking down the shooter, even as they bore wounds themselves. >> not only that, while major hasan is accused of attacking fellow soldiers, it appears it was fellow soldiers who may have saved his life after he was seriously wounded. >> although the soldiers there knew that there was an alleged shooter and he had possibly shot numerous soldiers that were on scene, they were diligently trying to save his life. i thought that spoke to who we are as soldiers. >> we have much more on this story, including where major hasan is now and an update on the victims. rick leventhal live at fort hood. what is the latest? >> hasan has been moved. he was moved yesterday from here in killeen to the brook army medical center in san antonio where he is under constant guard. he's on tubes and apparently has not yet been able to speak. if he survives his
FOX News
Nov 15, 2009 3:00am EST
. [ applause ] >> glenn: good night america. good night mrs. du >> julie banderas is up next with "fox report." see you later. >> julie: major new developments in the pursuit of justice for the victims of 9/11. some amazing crime video ugove to the see to believe -- you've got to see to believe. all that glitters is gold i'm julie banderas. we're live, as "fox report" tonight. controlling nukes. president obama on a major foreign policy trip and pushing hard for new treaty to rein in the threat of nuclear war. are we on the verge of major arms control break-through? plus, new fall-out from the white house's decision to try to alleged 9/11 mastermind and four other accused con sp -- conspirators in new york courtroom. the attorney general insists it marks a significant step forward in closing gitmo and making terrorist answer for the killing. critics saying new york city so brutally attacked that september morning is no place for the mass murders to see american justice. plus -- >> it's unthinkable that so many would die in a hail of gunfire on a u.s. army base in the heart of texas. and that
FOX News
Nov 28, 2009 7:00pm EST
americans on board. now, we're getting word america's national transportation safety board is sending a team of experts to help chinese official offici investigate the cause. amateur video showing the aftermath of the disaster. the cargo plane taking off and heading to the neighboring country of kirgestan. we're told americans killed were crew members for avian to aviation. company based in similar zinba. four other americans were injured. chinese media reporting that the plane tail hit the ground in take-off and causing it to veer off the runway and burst into flames. he's been held captive for years now, but now there is new hope he'll come home. israeli soldier shalise taken by militants off the gaza strip in june of 2006. but now sources telling fox news a deal securing his release is nearly complete. reena ninan has more from jerusalem. >> hi, julie. sources close to mediation efforts tell fox news they are nearing a deal on the release of kidnapped israeli soldier. but they say a deal is not expected to come down before monday which is when the muslim holiday, the feast of sacrifice,
FOX News
Nov 1, 2009 2:00am EST
to grow up thinking that america is an oppressive capitalist plot to undo the working class. if you are a conservative group, you want kids to grow up thinking that america is a perfect place where everybody should enthusiastically wave the flag. >> and publishers began reacting to all these precious by censoring whatever was submitted to them. this is so deeply engrained in the textbook industry that they don't even have to be pressured anymore. >> the point is not to teach but to indoctrinate? >> the point is to create a world that doesn't exist. and to sanitize and clean up the world as it does exist. >> the forces of political correctness are at it again. >> boy were both boys but they did everything together. >> find out why a town in california is insisting that every second grader learns about gay penguins. >> fox news reporting continues. >> put them up. >> remember the good old days when it was homer simpson who taught parents how to talk to their kids about bullying. >> let me help you dry those tears. >> somewhere along the line, it looks like parents dumped that job on t
FOX News
Nov 14, 2009 7:00pm EST
be accountability. >> julie: he was thousands of miles away from the devastation that he unleashed in one of america's darkest hours. now the self-proclaimed mastermind of 9/11 coming in chains to one of the places bearing his destructive footprint. khalid sheikh mohammed and four of the alleged coconspirators in the 9/11 attacks will stand trial in new york city. these five men facing prosecution in downtown manhattan, a short distance from where the four coordinated attacks that day claimed the most victims, the twin towers. the obama administration adamant trying the terror suspects on american soil is best option in renouncing the decision, u.s. attorney genre rick holder saying he's confident forgoing military tribunals for civilian courts will render the same level of justice, but plenty of critics worry about the possible ramifications. michael mucasey former attorney general under president bush and listen to what he said in an exclusive interview with fox news earlier today. >> the big picture is what's at stake, trying them in the wrong place, under the wrong circumstances in the wrong for
FOX News
Nov 29, 2009 7:00pm EST
is a regularly scheduled election. it's a position at odds with most of latin america and one that jeopardizes president obama's efforts to strengthen ties in the region. steve harrigan is streaming live in the honduras capital tonight, hi there, steve. >> julie, the votes are being counted now in a most unusual election, two frontrunners largely overshadowed by a third man who claims to be president. he's been ousted five months ago by the military at gun point, flown out of the country and snuck back in three months later and sips then holed up inside brazil's embassy here where he remains defiant. there was expected to be violence on the street today from his supporters instead largely calm and fairly heavy turnout no matter who wins the election the controversy in honduras to continue, panama, the u.s., costa rica say. and some say it's a sham, legitimizing a coup d'etat. the remains defiant holed up inside the embassy not coming out under charges of treason for 50 days with his wife and a few followers. angry at the u.s. who he blames for not restoring him to power and the front runner in
FOX News
Nov 1, 2009 7:00pm EST
. julie, back to you. >> julie: caroline, thank you very much. and as caroline just mentioned, america's top diplomate saying it's now up to afghanistan's leaders to decide how to move forward after abdullah abdullah's withdrawal from the runoff election. regardless, secretary of state hillary clinton saying the u.s. will support the next leader of afghanistan. and that in all likelihood will be incumbent president hamid karzai. of the pressure was on karzai to accept the runoff after widespread voter fraud by supporters and he finally relented, but abdullah's decision is certainly a disappointing blow for everyone in support of afghanistan's young democracy. connor powell has more from kabul. >> julie, in recent weeks the international community pushed hard for the second round of election in hopes to bring legitimacy to the process and the incoming afghan government. but they are withdrawing from saturday's runoff election, saying a free and fair ballot would not be possible. he believes the problems with fraud that plagued the first round will plague the second round and he said he
FOX News
Nov 8, 2009 7:00pm EST
and latest weapons in our nation's arsenal, two stops as we go across america. california, a vintage military helicopter smashing into the ground in san bernardino, the crash killing all three people on board. reports say it happened after the helicopter flew into power lines. the authorities were investigating. west virginia, a nine-year-old boy in charleston hailed as a hero for stopping a carjacking. ma league medford and his three little brothers were waiting in the family car while their mother went in to a convenience store when cops say this man jumped inside and tried driving off. . >> i didn't get out and took the keys out of the ignition and i had them like this and he kind of banged my head against the door. and then he got out and started running. >> julie: the man facing four counts of kidnapping and a felony theft charge. texas, the military showing off its new fleet of predator drones in houston. among other missions it uses them to help fight militants and keep our troops out of harm's way. minnesota, hundreds of twins fans lining up at the metro dome in minneapolis, the team
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)